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ASD&C Stefano Francia EnjoyArt

It is an organisation founded to honour the memory and life's work (spanning 40 years) of Maestro Stefano Francia.
Stefano's dream was to create an organisation in compliance with Article 18 of the Italian Constitution - based on the ideology of "Freedom of Association".
In it's creation we have realised his great dream, that of creating a "Body" with the capacity to embrace teachers, dancers, organisers and enthusiasts of dance with the objective of creating a network of Professionals that share a common passion for Dance, Art and Culture.
In our statutes we have given equal importance to two fundamental aspects:
The organisation of "events" is to go hand in hand with various other projects -(seminars, meetings, events, conferences, qualification and professional courses conducted by teachers of the highest calibre). From from the outset we shall endeavour to achieve a  spontaneous collaboration between those imparting knowledge and those willing to learn,  uniting them in the pursuit of exposing and exploring general Art forms,Dance and Culture.
In just a few months the project "ASD&C Stefano Francia" has managed to achieve both national and international recognition:

CSAIN (Centri Sportivi Aziendale e Industriale/Sports Centres for Business and Industry) - a promotional sporting entity recognised by CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano / Italian National Olympic Committee) and by CIP (Comitato Italiano Paralimpico / Italian Paralympic Committee.) Both of these organisations are endorsed by the Ministry of Works and Social Politics and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
CSAIN is to collaborate with the "Associazione Stefano Francia" on a national scale with involvement in the planning and provision of qualification, further development, fiscal and motivational courses, all of which are to be recognised by CONI.

CID-UNESCO (Consiglio Internationale di Danza / International Dance Advisory) has given positive endorsement to our project by allowing us to become part of the United Nations of Dance. Thus, both our "Professional" and "Specialisation" Qualifications, will not only be certificated by CSAIN-CONI but will also attain certification from the central office of CID-UNESCO.


promotion of Dance and will encompass four events of international prestige, the emphasis of which has to be focused upon the Dancer and their art.

During two events, programmed for the 20th and 21st October 2018, dancers will be the protagonists in their varying roles as performers, adjudicators and competitors.

The stage will spring to life with all forms of Dance, Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Latin American, Ballroom, Caribbean and Argentine Tango...

Stefano Francia (1961 - 2015)


Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and Organiser. For his entire life he remained faithful to his sole Professional love "Dance".

Of Umbrian origin, Roman by choice, Stefano, for 40 years was totally dedicated to the study of his chosen art form. His passion for this arduous, but at the same time exciting discipline was the reasoning behind his abandonment of "Higher Education".

Confronted with the choice between becoming a Surveyor or a Dancer, Stefano chose to dance. Risking everything, he made the decision to attend a screen test for the RAI Television Dance Group "Tilt"  rather than continue with University.

He studied Dance with the best teachers available, qualified in all disciplines and embarked on a Professional Career. All of which he undertook with his characteristic tenacity and determination. During the course of this career he was both the instigator and organiser of many events. One of the most prominent, his Competitive Dancesport event "FESTIVALDANZA" attained International recognition. Together with Fabrizio Silvestri (Association President), he founded the webzine "la"

He was a Chief Council Member, Vice President and then President of ANMB (Associazione Nazionale Maestri di Ballo), Advisor and Council Member Professional Division FIDS (Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva), Founder of FIDA (Federazione Italiana Danza Amatori) and FIDA Professional Division, Fellow and Examiner of the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing.