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FESTIVALDANZA is an event sustained by CID UNESCO for the promotion of Dance and will encompass four events of international prestige, the emphasis of which is to be focused upon the Dancer and their art form.
During two events, programmed for the 20th and 21st October 2018, dancers are to be the protagonists in their varying roles as  performers, adjudicators and competitors.
The stage will spring to life with all forms of Dance, Classic, Modern, Contemporary , Hip Hop, Latin American, Ballroom, Caribbean and Argentine Tango...

Participants in FESTIVALDANZA will be given the opportunity to study their coreutica art in varying degrees - from a film show, followed up by a meeting with Dance Movie Professionals, by participation in formative courses and in a contest, that for some, will provide the opportunity of a contract of employment; to attendance at the presentation of the Stefano Francia International Dance Award and witnessing the Grand Final Gala where the greatest stars in the story of Italian Dance will perform in support of a CID UNESCO humanitarian project.

These are the four sections of FestivalDanza:



Dance Film Festival

Will be the first Italian Film Festival to be dedicated entirely to dance, dance that portrays love, passion, ambition, delusion, sweat, success and fame.

It’s objective is to promote and popularise the Dance movie, to give eminence to young film makers, scenographers, choreographers, actors and dancers that weekly strive to celebrate the art of Dance. The Dance Film Festival will be a meeting place for these teachers, scenographers, choreographers, directors and actors to discuss Dance, Art and Cinema.
The Dance Film Festival will be a stage welcoming the offers and demands of a genre, still largely unknown in Italy, possibly due to a lack of rapport between the worlds of Dance and cinema.

In America, from the birth of the silent film, dancers and directors have shared the same stage creating beautiful “duets” - these amazing lessons in dance are still watched to this day!

From the inception of the cinema, to date, productions of Dance related Films has diminished, even though, more recently this type of movie does appear to have attracted the attention of certain producers and distributors that are in fact presenting dance films/ musicals, and whose dramatists are using the universal language of dance.

The Dance Film Festival could prove to be the perfect occasion to promote the Dance Movie, encouraging young scenographers and directors to tell stories of Dance by presenting short, long or documentary footage on dance related subjects.
To analyse and examine the value of these works will be the very same Dancers, who after watching the films, meeting the directors and actors will choose their favourite.
The winning film will be the recipient of the STEFANO FRANCIA Dance Award to be presented on the Saturday evening.

The Award ceremony will be in the format of a televised event awarding the 24 “Original” gold plated statuettes designed by sculptor Arando. The evening of the ceremony will be enriched with performances by singers, comedians and international dancers.


Dance Award “Stefano Francia”

The second edition of this award in recognition of artistic and cultural tersicorean excellence, nationally and internationally.
Named in remembrance of the Dancer, teacher and choreographer Stefano Francia for his great contribution to the sustenance and divulgence of Dance in every ambience.



Dance Opportunites Contest

The first contest for couples or groups, in all disciplines, where young adult dancers will be selected on merit for a possible contract of employment with either a company, dance school or other lyrical entity.

For the not quite so young there will be the possibility of attaining a scholarship for tuition with the best professionals.
The entire day on the Sunday will be dedicated to dance competitions for Pairs and groups.
The best couples and groups in the various Dance disciplines will perform in front of an adjudicating panel comprising of teachers, theatre impresarios, school and academy directors from which they will choose the dancer/ best to be scripted.


Gala Dance Memories. 

This event organised in collaboration with the Labyrinth Association will be a spectacular of national and international stars. Although already retired from performing and having danced in the most prestigious theatres in the world, 10 stars will return to the stage for this one night and dance again in support of a humanitarian project presented by CID UNESCO.