The Association "Stefano Francia - Enjoy Art" has been founded to honour the memory of Maestro and Choreographer Stefano Francia. It's purpose is to sustain, promote and expose Art in all its forms and become a meeting place to rediscover the importance of creativity, socialisation and solidarity.

The Association "Stefano Francia - Enjoy Art" will be an active force within Dance, both in  Italy and Internationally, associating itself with other promotional bodies such as CONI, C.S.A.In and CID Unesco (International Dance Council). with the objective of divulging the art form in all social spheres. It will be inclusive of all styles : Character, Folk, Classical Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Disciplines danced In Couples, Street Dance, Theatrical, Experimental, Hip Hop.

"Stefano Francia - Enjoy Art" will endeavour to provide sustenance and help to the less fortunate, the disabled, the unoccupied and unemployed - striving to offer them new prospects and methods of working,  thus "Opening Doors" and  enabling them to enter the artistic world and workplace.


International Dance Award "Stefano Francia"

The Award will recognise Tersicorean Excellence both nationally and internationally.


Dance Competition

Tuscia Dance

Dance show in Tuscia (Montalto di Castro - VT - Italy)

Danza Moda &...

The Dance moves and strides of the models will display the many facets of the human spirit in a show rich in glamour and emotion.